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MinaLima Edition | Beauty and the Beast| Pinocchio | Little Mermaid | Jungle Book | Alice in Wonderland | Wizard of Oz

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Get swept away by these stunning editions of beloved stories, designed by the award-winning MinaLima graphic design studio.


The Beauty and the Beast is packed with specially commissioned, full-color artwork and nine exclusive interactive features, including:

- a fold-out map of the rich French city where the Merchant (Beauty’s father) and his family reside;

- a fold out that reveals the interior of the Beast’s enchanted palace;

- a series of flaps (similar to an Advent calendar) that open to reveal different entertainments; available to Beauty in the Beast’s palace;

- a dial of the ring Beauty turns on her finger to return to the Beast.


The Adventures of Pinocchio includes specially commissioned artwork and exclusive interactive features, including:

- A Pinocchio puppet with clothing

- Additional finger puppets

- A small theatre for a puppet show

- A court deck with Pinocchio behind sliding bars

- A fold out shark revealing Pinocchio and Geppetto inside


The thirteen stories in The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales are illustrated with specially commissioned artwork and ten exclusive interactive features including:

- A dial with six mermaids

- A Duckling transforming into a swan

- Mattresses that pull away to reveal a pea

- The Snow Queen’s palace


This beautiful unabridged edition takes readers deep into the heart of the Indian jungle with specially commissioned four-color illustrations and nine exclusive interactive features that will delight readers, including a map of the lost Indian city where Mowgli is taken by the monkeys; a trifold detailing the Laws of the Jungle; a spinning dial of the elephant dance; and a map of Kotick’s route to find a new home.


Lewis Carroll’s beloved companion stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are reinvented on one volume by the talented design firm MinaLima, whose fey drawings of some of Western literature’s most famous characters will delight and enthrall, In addition, they have created interactive features exclusive to this edition, including:

- Alice with extendable legs and arms

- The rabbit’s house which opens to reveal a giant Alice

- The Cheshire cat with a pull tab that removes the cat and leaves the cat’s grin

- A flamingo croquet club that swings to hit the hedgehog

- A removable map of the Looking Glass world


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Interactive reimagines the novel’s iconic imagery and highlights phrases from the original book in a unique and delightful style that will enchant readers of all ages. Sure to become a collector’s item, this deluxe illustrated edition contains specially commissioned artwork and nine exclusive interactive features, including:

- A cyclone map that opens up to reveal the Land of Oz

- A pop-up Yellow Brick Road

- Oz glasses that provide a different look at the world

- Fighting trees with branches that move

- Dorothy’s silver shoes that can be clicked together

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